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Ruthless eJuice - Tropic Thunda - 60ml

Ruthless Tropic Thunda Premium E-Liquids are desicned with unbeatable precision and only the best American-Made ingredients. Every Tropic Thunda E-Juice Bottle is subjected to a Ruthless Quality Control process. If a liquid doesnt pass our high standards, it doesnt earn the Ruthless label, Simple as that. 
Take your mind into a tropical paradise with Tropic Thunda E-Juice

Tropic Thunda is a simple yet invigorating e-juice to take your mind to a tropical paradise. The dense texture and mild sweetish taste from the Guava masterfully mixed with a blast of berries is a true crowd pleaser. Don’t let the simplicity of the flavor profile fool you. The well-blended nature of this juice presents a striking blast of tropical flavor that will be sure to brighten up anyone’s day. The throat hit is ultra-smooth due to the creamy guava and with the high VG ratio, cloud chasers can easily make this flavorful juice an all day vape. If you’re into a fruity vapes and you love Ez Duz It, Tropical Thunda is a satisfying thirst quencher for the devoted fruit lover.

Tropic Thunda E-Juice

  • Striking Flavor
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Perfectly Blended
  • Blast of Berries
  • Creamy Guava

    Ships from Ruthless Corporation - California