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Aspire Vape Co.

Aspire Plato Coil 0.4

Key Features: 
50w Rated | All in One | Variable Capacity | 0.4, 1.8 ohms

This is a single coil for the Aspire Plato AIO kit. Please be aware that the Plato's coil is also where the liquid is stored. Please take some time to understand how this device operates, too! Rated at 0.4 and 1.8 ohms. For use ONLY with the Plato.
Kit includes
  • 1 x Plato Coil
Additional Information:
This coil pack includes a single coil piece for the Aspire Plato, which allows it to be vaped sub-ohm. Using only natural, organic japanese cotton, you can be assured of it's superior quality. In order to vape at 1.8 ohms, please purchase standard Nautilus coils and screw them into the atomizer port on this coil instead.

Ships from Aspire Vape Co. - California